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 SIFU George


SIFU George Fitzgerald was the President, Founder & Master Instructor of the Tang Lung Combat Academy from 1989 – 2012 and now operates the Millionaire Warriors Club. Among his many credentials, he is a qualified instructor under THREE of Bruce Lee’s very best students!

He has been studying and practising formal Martial Arts for the last 44 years, starting with Judo at age eleven. But his real introduction to the ‘fighting arts’ was from the age of seven in the form of boxing and self-defence ‘tips’ from his father – Bill Fitzgerald, a man who was definitely no stranger to ‘street survival’ – in fact, he was known to many simply as ‘The Bouncer!’

SIFU George Fitzgerald

SIFU George Fitzgerald currently holds various degrees of Black Belt (or its equivalent) in Sixteen Martial Art systems:

  • Tang Lung Combat SystemSIFU George’s amalgamated systems.
  • Young Dragons Kung FuSIFU George’s system designed specifically for children.
  • Wing Chun Kung FuGrandmaster Victor Kan Wah Chit (Yip Man’s assistant in the late 1950’s—Yip Man was Bruce Lee’s teacher.)
  • Russian Sambo WrestlingGrandmaster Martin Clarke (ex-Olympic Judo squad & World Champion.)
  • Combat SomboGrandmaster Martin Clarke
  • Sai Shu Teki-Na Jiu JitsuGrandmaster Martin Clarke
  • Misu Ryu Jiu JitsuProfessor William Gill (instructor to several Canadian police departments.)
  • Arnis de ManoGuro Krishna Godhania
  • Warriors EskrimaGuro Krishna Godhania
  • Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do/JFJKDGASifu Larry Hartsell (highly regarded as Bruce Lee’s toughest student.)
  • Force Necessary/Unarmed CombativesW. Hock Hochheim (teacher to various police and military groups Internationally.)
  • Kempo (Karate Jutsu)W. Hock Hochheim
  • Muay ThaiGrandmaster Sken Kaewpadung (widely regarded as one of the world’s top instructors of Thai Boxing.)
  • Cacoy Doce Pares EskrimaSenior Grand Master Cacoy Canete. (the world’s most senior instructor of the Filipino Martial Arts.)
  • Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do/IMBSifu Richard Bustillo (the Iron Dragon – a top student of Bruce Lee)
  • Joe Lewis Fighting SystemGrandmaster Joe Lewis (the World’s first Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion, private student of Bruce Lee and Twice elected as the Greatest Karate Fighter of All Time!)

Sfu Lary Hartsell & Sifu George Fitzgerald

Sifu Larry Hartsell & Sifu George Fitzgerald

Sifu Richard Bustillo & Sifu George Fitzgerald

Sifu George Fitzgerald & Sifu Richard Bustillo


 Grand Master Sken & Sifu George Fitzgerald (Kru George)

Grand Master Sken & Sifu George Fitzgerald (Kru George)


Sifu George Fitzgerald & Joe Lewis - Greatest Karate Fighter of All Time

Sifu George Fitzgerald & Joe Lewis – Greatest Karate Fighter of All Time



SIFU George is also a certified Instructor of W. Hock Hochheim’s Scientific Fighting Congress in the arts of SDMS (Impact Weapons), Knife/Counter Knife and Pacific Archipelago Combatives.

He is a Brown Belt in Judo and also has extensive experience of western boxing, Taekwondo, Kenpo Karate, Kyokushinkai Karate and Tomiki Aikido.

He has won several medals in grappling competitions, including a Bronze in the first British Kurash Championships in 1997, a Masters Gold medal in the 1998 British Sombo Championships and a Masters Silver medal in the British Sombo Championships of 2003.

In addition to operating the Tang Lung Combat Academy from 1989 – 2012, SIFU George was also the official London representative of original Bruce Lee student, the late Larry Hartsell.

He is the Chief Instructor-UK of the Misu Ryu Jiu Jitsu system and he was also one of the very first in the UK to be awarded the ACMA Martial Arts Instructor Certification in the year 2000 from the world-famous Cooper Institute & American Council of Martial Arts.

In March of 2001 the International Budo Federation awarded SIFU George with a Diploma Award of Honour for Outstanding Service to the Martial Arts.

For several years SIFU George served as the General Secretary of the British Combat Sombo Association.

SIFU George was chosen to demonstrate practical Self-Defence in ten episodes of Sky Digital’s television programme, “Where’s It At!”

In July 2005 SIFU George had the honour of being invited to Los Angeles to be Larry Hartsell’s seminar assistant at Black Belt magazine’s very first Festival of Martial Arts.

In October 2011 SIFU George Fitzgerald became the UK’s very first and only Black Belt under the legendary Joe Lewis (twice voted as the Greatest Karate Fighter in History.) This great honour was presented to SIFU George in front of a 200+ audience, which included many of the world’s greatest Martial Art champions and Bruce Lee’s wife, Linda Lee Cadwell.

Sifu George Fitzgerald becomes the UK’s first and only Black Belt under the Legendary Joe Lewis RIP


In April 2016 Sifu George Fitzgerald was inducted into the Martial Arts Illustrated Black Belt Hall of Fame, followed in May by being also inducted into the Hall of Fame of the UK Martial Arts Show.

Bob Sykes & George Fitzgerald - MAI BB Hall of Fame 24.4.2016


George Fitzgerald & Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace - 8.5.16


In May 2017 Sifu George Fitzgerald was honoured again to be inducted into 2017 UK Martial Arts Show Hall of Fame.


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