Sifu George Fitzgerald Says …


The most important thing in martial arts training isn’t how much time you spend practising, which system you learn or which school you attend. The most important thing is …

Here are some tips to help you be a winner, not a quitter :

  • Be patient. Don’t neglect your family, friends or work; you’ll lose their support.
  • Practise when it won’t interfere with your family’s routine
  • Enjoy it! Yes, martial arts training is serious, but few students will continue to invest money and time in something that isn’t at least a little fun.
  • Make martial arts practise a part of your normal routine. Then it’ll be easier to continue, and you’ll be less likely to quit.
  • When you practise mix it up a little. Try to keep things interesting and fresh.
  • Practise with someone who is enthusiastic. It will be more enjoyable, and his or her enthusiasm may rub off on you.
  • Make sure you get enough rest. If you feel run down and tired, it will affect your attitude. It’s better to rest if you’re too tired to practise, then make it up when you’re rested.
  • Don’t let personality conflicts interfere with your training. If you don’t like someone in class, stay away from that person as much as possible.
  • Don’t compare yourself to your classmates. Learning is not a race. It’s better to know less but be good at what you do know than to know more and not be very good at any of it.

“Be a WINNER!”



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