Sifu George Fitzgerald is Interviewed on Guess Radio


What a busy week! I feel a little as I have been here, there and everywhere this week – but all in a positive way.

My good friend, celebrity hairdresser Stuart Phillips, kindly invited me to be interviewed on his weekly show at and by all accounts, everything went really good and the show was well received. There was even listeners from afar afield as Chile and the Ukraine listening in!

Stuart Phillips & Sifu George Fitzgerald at Guess Radio

Stuart Phillips & Sifu George Fitzgerald at Guess Radio

In fact, the very next day the station’s producer invited me back to the studio as he was intrigued by some of the things I talked about during the interview and now wants me to run my own radio show!!

So, starting on the 28th of October 2012 I will be broadcasting my own radio show every Sunday between 3 – 4 pm. I will be discussing all facets of the martial arts such as history, martial arts in the movies, self defense tips and much, much more. Please try to listen in as I think it will be both fun and informative.

I’m also in talks to appear regularly in Guess Radio’s upcoming web TV show!!



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