Sifu George Fitzgerald says …


For as long as 5,000 years, people have studied the Martial Arts in order to protect themselves and their families against violence, either on the street or in combat. But today, even though violence is certainly still around us, the major threats to our lives aren’t those which arise from external assaults— from being attacked by some thug in a dark alley. Instead, our greatest threats are those which arise from internal assaults, from our inability to deal with the high levels of stress in our lives today as well as our inability to do the right thing.

Statistically, only 1% of those who die each year in this country, die as a result of violence. The vast majority, the other 99%, die from such things as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and AIDS.

It has been estimated that 54% of those under the age of 65 who die each year, die as a result of causes which were preventable! These needless deaths are attributable to what have been termed ‘unhealthy lifestyles.’ And, one of the unhealthy choices these people is failing to get sufficient exercise on a regular basis.

Regular exercise, health experts agree, is a major factor in combating this country’s top three killers—heart disease, cancer, and stroke— and probably a good many other afflictions as well.

“What greater gift could you possibly give to yourself or someone you love than the gift of a long, full, healthy,  and exciting life?”

So, one of the major benefits of studying a Martial Art today is the regular exercise you or your child receives, and its attendant health benefits. Plus, the Martial Arts also instil healthy, life-long exercise habits which increase the quality and quantity of the life you or your children will be allowed to lead.

Martial Arts are one of the greatest ways to get proper exercise because they offer so many other unique benefits.

What greater gift could you possibly give to yourself or a loved one than the gift of a long, full, healthy and exciting life?

Congratulations if you are already involved in Martial Arts; you have made one of your best life decisions. If you are not yet involved in the Martial Arts, Sifu George Fitzgerald strongly suggests that you do yourself a huge favour and start today!


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