UKMAS Hall of Fame Awards 2017


I was extremely proud and grateful to receive a Hall of Fame Award at the UK Martial Arts Show, especially as I did not expect it and I had only gone along to support friends and fellow Martial Artists as they received their awards.

My sincere Thanks to Bob Sykes and Paul Barnett for the nomination, to Bob and Kevin ‘the Jedi’ Brewerton for the presentation, and to my great friend Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace and Lance Lewis for the photo opportunity.

I dedicated this award to my late friend and teacher, the legendary Richard Bustillo R.I.P.


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Happy Birthday in Heaven Joe


Today would have been the 73rd birthday of my friend and teacher, the legendary Joe Lewis. He achieved so much, not only in the world of Martial Arts, but in life itself; his influence continues to be felt by many.

Happy Birthday Joe.

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Happy Birthday Sifu Richard


Lots of best wishes for a very Happy Birthday to my friend and teacher, Richard Bustillo … legendary Jeet Kune Do instructor and one of Bruce Lee‘s original and best students! He is known as the Iron Dragon for good reason!! Have a GREAT day Sifu Richard!!


Sifu Richard Bustillo & Sifu George Fitzgerald

Sifu Richard Bustillo & Sifu George Fitzgerald

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My Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon Gloves


My sincere best wishes to all for a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!!

As we enter 2017 I find myself incredibly grateful that this year will mark my 44th year in formal Martial Arts (without about four additional years of informal training from the age of seven!) The gloves I’m wearing in the photo are generally referred to as Bong Sau gloves, or simply as Bruce Lee gloves … due to Bruce wearing them in some of his early demonstrations and even more so, to their appearance in his iconic movie, Enter the Dragon.

The gloves worn here are almost 40 years old and have seen LOTS of action!!



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UK Martial Arts Show Hall of Fame


I was extremely grateful and felt very honoured to receive my second Hall of Fame award in the space of two weeks, this time at the fantastic UK Martial Arts Show.

It was a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by great Martial Artists of all ages and all backgrounds. reveling in the arts that we passionately train in, study and teach – day in, day out, year after year. I was especially fortunate to spend some special, one-on-one time with Bob Sykes (truly much appreciated) and with my great friend Bill Wallace. I must also give special thanks to some other brilliant people that it’s my good fortune to know … Bobby KickboxSingh Rayatt, Ben Lewis, Pete Mac, Shaun Boland, Paul Barnett and Dean Williams.

Congratulations to all those who received an award, including my good friend Darren Le Fevre who unfortunately could not attend (thanks Darren for giving me the honour of collecting your award on your behalf) … and thanks to friends, family and students for making it possible in the first place.


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Martial Arts Illustrated Black Belt Hall of Fame Awards


A HUGE Thank You to Bob Sykes and Paul Barnett for nominating me to receive an award at the Martial Arts Illustrated Black Belt Hall of Fame Awards. It was a FANTASTIC evening, shared with many wonderful Martial Artists, new and old friends alike. I am so very proud to be part of this amazing brotherhood and life … Martial Arts Forever!!!

Bob Sykes & George Fitzgerald - MAI BB Hall of Fame 24.4.2016

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My Friend & Teacher … the Legendary Joe Lewis


Please watch this wonderful video dedicated to my late friend and teacher, the Legendary Joe Lewis. It was created by Joe Corley at a time when Joe Lewis was facing his greatest battle. Joe, you will NEVER be forgotten and you have the eternal gratitude of countless people all around the world. I Thank You with all my heart for what you did for me personally. Rest In Peace my friend.


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Sifu George Fitzgerald was recently featured in Luxurious Magazine


Sifu George was recently featured in Luxurious Magazine – the online and digital luxury magazine. As possibly the most visible luxury magazine in the world online, Luxurious Magazine uses it’s unique journalistic style to provide news, features, reviews and exclusive interviews. It provides impartial information to consumers and fans worldwide of luxury goods. The magazine features personalities and marques who are well-known or considered outstanding in the sphere of luxury.

My sincere thanks to Paul Godbold and the Team at Luxurious Magazine.


Sifu George Fitzgerald in Luxurious Magazine

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Video Except of  Sifu George Fitzgerald’s M.A.I. Interview


In November 2012 Sifu George was interview by Martial Arts Illustrated magazine. The interviewed was conducted by Lakhvinder Madahar at his great school in Coventry – Total Martial Arts Academy.

The interview will appear in the first quarter of 2013.






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SIFU George’s Martial Arts World …

My Brand New Radio Show


I’m very excited as it’s almost time for the premiere of my new, weekly radio show – SIFU George’s Martial Arts World. The first show is due on air Sunday 28th October 2012 from 3 – 4 pm on

Please try to tune in each week as I will be talking about some of the different styles I have studied and the teachers who have taught me. Basically, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the world of Martial Arts and Self Defence … ideas and techniques that can save lives – maybe yours!

In addition to these tips and principles, I will also talk about the history and philosophy of the different arts, interviewing other Martial Artists and discussing any newsworthy items relevant to the world of Martial Arts.

One of the topics I will be discussing on this premiere show will be my Ten Principles of Self-Defence Survival, common-sense advice and tips that have proven themselves on the streets and battlefields of the world.

So, don’t forget to listen in this Sunday 28th October from 3 – 4 pm on Guess Radio.


Peter Terry (owner/producer at Guess Radio) & George Fitzgerald

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