Happy Birthday Sifu Richard


Lots of best wishes for a very Happy Birthday to my friend and teacher, Richard Bustillo … legendary Jeet Kune Do instructor and one of Bruce Lee‘s original and best students! He is known as the Iron Dragon for good reason!! Have a GREAT day Sifu Richard!!


Sifu Richard Bustillo & Sifu George Fitzgerald

Sifu Richard Bustillo & Sifu George Fitzgerald

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Happy 76th Birthday!!


During my 43 years as a Martial Artist I have been blessed to have met so many wonderful teachers, students, friends and colleagues. In fact, my entire life has been shaped by the multi-faceted benefits of the Martial Arts. As with so many others around the world, this passion of mine was, and continues to be, inspired by Lee Hsiao Loong … Bruce Lee, the Little Dragon.

So with the utmost respect and sincere gratitude, on what would have been his 76th birthday … Happy Birthday Bruce!!!


Bruce Lee - Flames - wallpaper

Bruce Lee – Flaming Spirit

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Men’s Fitness Magazine

100 Fittest Men Ever


Probably the greatest influence in my life as a Martial Artist was the legendary Bruce Lee. I started my Martial Arts journey in the same year that Bruce died, back in 1973. For those of you not of the right age to know this time, it would be hard for you to understand the Kung Fu and Bruce Lee boom of the 70’s. Of course nowadays, martial arts are to be seen in every blockbuster action movie; but back in the early 1970s and earlier, fight scenes looked very different!! It was the explosion of Kung Fu movies, spear-headed by Bruce Lee that changed the movie scene forever. It was after sneaking into one of the late night cinemas (because you had to be 18) to see my first Bruce Lee movie, Fist of Fury … that my path in life was firmly set.

So, I was very happy that in a list of the 100 Fittest Men Ever, published by Men’s Fitness magazine, Bruce Lee came in at Number Two, beaten only by Olympic swimming legend, Michael Phelps. Of course I think that Bruce should have been Numero Uno, but I guess my opinion is slightly biased! In fact, there were several other Martial Artists and boxers included in this list, such as Chuck Norris, George St. Pierre and Mohammed Ali.

Bruce Lee-ETD


The Martial Arts have long been recognised for their value as a means to physical fitness. Just as an example, it has been estimated that a good kickboxing workout can burn up to 8oo calories in just one hour!! Depending on which art is practised, a martial arts routine works the body for flexibility, strength, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, speed, endurance, balance and just about every other attribute required to reach a great level of fitness. In fact, if you never have to use Martial Arts as a defence against physical assault, you are still practising the art of self-defence against all kinds of ailments. Prevention is after-all, always better than cure.

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