Sifu George Fitzgerald Says …

I am a fighter.

Every problem in life, every struggle, is merely a game for me
to enjoy and win.

I am an intelligent fighter, using the brain and instinct for
survival that was passed on to me by countless generations of
ancestors, a genetic gift, my inheritance.

I am a winner, because I refuse to accept defeat. I can only be
defeated if I give up, which I never shall.

Every success makes me stronger.

Every experience makes me wiser.

Every new fight gives me another chance to win.

And I enjoy winning.

To the timid, the approaching battle looks worse than to the
fighter. It is magnified by fear, but reduced and overcome by

I begin and finish a winner, because I know that all I have to
do is to stay strong and keep fighting, until I tire out the

That is the rule of persistence and determination – that the last
man on his feet is the winner.

Merely being prepared and willing to fight is my greatest asset.

I shall always strive to be a winner.

The Winner's Creed

Sifu George Fitzgerald
The Winner’s Creed

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